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How to Protect Your IRA with Gold and Silver

Precious metals offer a unique hedge against stock market volatility. We recognize the challenges that people face today in trying to fund their retirement savings throughout a volatile economy and unstable market. For this reason we offer the precious metals IRA which is backed by physical assets and not paper.

Most individual retirement accounts today are funded by paper-dominated assets which fluctuate unpredictably. Couple this with the possible fallout in Social Security keeping many investors up at night. Precious metal assets such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium are an essential portion of a well-diversified retirement plan. They are an asset class which has demonstrated it’s ability to retain value throughout history while others continue to devalue and deteriorate. The upward vertical trend of gold and silver allow your retirement accounts to retain it’s value and provide support when retirement day comes around.

Many investors saving for their retirement will qualify for a precious metals IRA, but have no knowledge that this is even an option for them. In the year 1986, the IRS begun to allow individuals to hold precious metals with their IRA, offering a unique hedge against stock market volatility and inflationary risks. Common types of retirement plans that may qualify include Traditional and Roth IRA’s, SEP IRA’s, 401 (k)s and 403 (b)s.


3 Steps to Setup a Precious Metals IRA

Protect your IRA 401K

Securing our IRA with physical metals is easy with Cornerstone. We have all of the forms and information that are necessary to either add metals to your current IRA portfolio or create an entirely new one. If you need assistance your Cornerstone account executive is only a phone call away to guide you and answer any questions you may have with this simple process.

Step 1: Add gold to your current IRA or let us guide you in creating a new one

In order to begin the process you need a specific type of IRA. The IRS has designated certain types of IRAs as appropriate for holding gold bullion and other precious metals.  These ‘self-directed’ IRAs allow you to have more control over your investment choices and are easy to establish and administer.

Step 2: Instruct your IRA to buy gold bullion or other precious metals from Cornerstone Asset Metals

Once you have selected an existing IRA or established a new one in which you would like gold bullion to be deposited, your Cornerstone Asset Metals Account Executive will help you determine what to buy and how much.  You will then complete a form authorizing your IRA custodian to buy the gold bullion or other precious metals to deposit in your account.

Step 3: Deposit your gold bullion with an IRS-approved custodian

The IRS requires that gold bullion owned by an IRA or SEP be held by a custodian bank.  Cornerstone Asset Metals frequently works with the GoldStar Trust Company, which can provide the custodial services needed to establish your new IRA and manage the resources within it.  Cornerstone Asset Metals can help you establish this relationship for you or will assist you in working with any other IRS approved custodial institution.

Three simple steps and you are on your way to enjoying the tax benefits of an IRA, combined with the security of owning gold bullion.

You have made a sound financial decision, which is quite an accomplishment in these turbulent economic times.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have diversified and no longer have “all your eggs in one basket.”

Whether you are new to the world of investing or an experienced investor interested in learning more about gold and precious metal IRAs, you will find valuable information here.  It is all about de-mystifying and making the process of diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals as simple as possible.

Cornerstone Asset Metals makes it easy for you.  Call today at 888-747-3309 to get started!